Mental math is very important in helping young children build up a solid academic foundation.

It is not easy to introduce the concept of numbers and their values to young children.  It is even harder if they are asked to use nothing but brain power to solve problems.

Children learn numbers by counting on their fingers.  It becomes more difficult if the numbers are more than 10.  To overcome these difficulties and to build up a child’s confidence and ability, children can learn to conceptualise the math process such as using the abacus beads to relate numerical values.

The practice of mental arithmetic is important as it will tap the unexploited parts of the brain and promote overall intelligence, sharpen the imaginative and memory power.

According to a scientific research, a child who lacks good mental formation can experience a sharp decline in mental abilities even as early as the age of 20.

On the other hand, a child who receives good mental formation by the age of 12 will continue to remain brilliant even up to the age of 70.